PrepVolleyball’s Quarantine Corner with Jen Fry

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If you have a minute, we welcome you to listen to Jen Fry Talk. Fry, the owner of, has over 15 years of experience as a collegiate volleyball coach including being a staff member at Illinois when it was the 2011 NCAA National Runner-Up.

She took a leap away from coaching to get her Master’s degree and is currently working on her Ph.D. She owns a social justice education firm (at Jen Fry Talks) and works to educate and empower people, particularly within athletics, to work and live through an anti-racist lens.

She is a speaker, leads workshops and trainings, and is a consultant specializing in “assisting organizations, teams, staffs, coaches, administrations, athletes and etc. in finding ways to have conversations on race, gender, diversity, inclusion, social justice education, power, privilege and the effects on both those within the marginalized and dominant communities” (says her website). Phew!

Speaking of her website, Fry has a robust Resource page including a section targeted toward children and student-athletes. (Personally, I found Fry’s own “Allyship for the Student-Athlete” and “Race and Recruiting for the Student-Athlete” particularly interesting. “Microaggressions and the Student-Athlete” is pretty eye-opening, too.

In this interview, we talk about Fry’s background and some of the racial challenges in volleyball including what clubs around the country can do to promote more diversity inclusion. It’s definitely worth a listen.

You can imagine that she has been pretty busy and we are grateful she took the time to talk with us at Also, check out Fry’s Tedx talk on “Radical Social Justice Education Through High Fives.”

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