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Jen Fry


Dr. Jen Fry is a native of Arizona, a Division II athlete, and veteran volleyball coach with over 15 years of experience at the collegiate level with coaching stints at Elon University, the University of Illinois (2011 National Runner-Up), Washington State University, and Norfolk State University.  She turned social justice educator when she realized there was a need for educating not only our student-athletes of all ages, but the administration, staff, and coaches who train them through an antiracist lens on issues of race, inclusion, intersectionality, diversity, and equity. Lastly, she earned her Ph.D. in Geography from Michigan State University. Go Green.

JenFryTalks is a social justice education firm that uses conversation to educate and empower through an anti-racist lens on issues of race, inclusion, intersectionality, diversity, and equity.

"We invited Jen to speak with our student-athletes and staff this past spring. Jen has a gift of being brutally honest, open and transparent with her audiences in a way most speakers do not have the courage to approach. She finds a healthy balance of challenge and support to make everyone understand that the issues of race, inclusion, diversity and intersectionality is necessary work that is not reserved for the few, but for all. Our staff and student-athletes enjoyed the small breakout sections to be able to connect with their peers and have real, vulnerable dialogue with each other. Her ability to be candid and real was refreshing and created conversations that continue on today in our department. I would recommend Jen to anyone looking for a great facilitator and educator to empower their students and staff to take inventory of their growth areas and call to action to make positive change."
Mark Trumbo
Assistant Athletics Director Student-Athlete Engagement, Syracuse University

Dawn Snyder

Online Business Manager

Dawn is an Online Business Manager and Operations Strategist and helps manage the day-to-day operations of JenFryTalks. She also helps other coaches and consultants who are overwhelmed by their growing list of clients (and admin tasks) focus on doing the work they love, growing their business, and making an impact.

Jane Rodriguez

Brand Manager

Jane serves as Jen’s Brand Manager and the CEO of The Thriving CEO. Born and raised in Miami, FL she currently resides in Orlando, FL, and helps Jen will all of her branding needs! Additionally, Jane helps businesses and entrepreneurs upgrade their systems to create a more streamlined process.

DISRUPTION Candle | 4 or 11 oz


Feminist and Anti- Racist work is tough. “It requires that you be willing to devote a great part of your life to it and that you be willing to suffer alienation and self-disruption.” – Lugones and Spelman

This candle was crafted in the vein of disrupting through conversation, an ode to the work of Jen Fry. Sweet pink sugar and airy lemongrass combine to create these juicy fresh accords. Notes of orange, cotton candy and powder are layered with citrus oils for a bright and fresh herbal delight.

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