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Jen Fry Talks

exploring the intersection of conflict and CULTURE.

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Dynamic and Engaging Conversations

We provide dynamic and engaging content in a variety of formats, utilizing conversation and reflection to deepen learning. We work with organizations, leadership and C-suite groups, K12 schools, colleges and universities, non-profits, governmental agencies, athletic departments, sports teams, and more.

anti-racist lens

We bring an antiracist lens to all of our work. It allows us to situate ourselves in this work and the profound impact racism continues to have on our institutions, organizations, and lived experiences. When we bring this lens to our work together, we can have more nuanced conversations, more effectively navigate conflict, create cultures that cultivate a deeper sense of belonging, and provide more impactful tools and strategies.

Building Capacity

Many of us avoid the essential conversations we need to have because they’re challenging to start and tricky to navigate. But we call them essential conversations for a reason–and you can build your capacity so that starting them and navigating conflict that inevitably arises becomes easier. We help you build your capacity personally, as a leader, and as part of an organization through a variety of tools and strategies.

Get to know Jen

Dr. Jen Fry (she/her) is Sports Geographer, tech founder, and sought-after speaker and educator. She owns JenFryTalks, a social justice education firm that explores the intersection of conflict and DEI. Jen facilitates conversation and skill-building with organizations, leadership and C-suite groups, small and large teams, affinity groups, and more. She advises on best practices that create more equitable organizations, communities, and teams, where each person feels a sense of belonging.

Jen is a veteran volleyball coach with over 15 years of experience coaching at the collegiate level. She received her PhD in Sports Geography from Michigan State University (GO GREEN!) and is currently moving her group travel app, Coordle, to market. Coordle creates a seamless, inclusive travel experience by providing a central app for you to manage all your group travel real time information, communication, logistics, and decision making.

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