JenFryTalks is a social justice education firm that uses conversation to educate and empower those within athletics through an anti-racist lens on issues of race, inclusion, intersectionality, diversity, and equity.

We facilitate conversation with small and large groups, athletic departments, athletic teams, staff, administrations, schools, affinity groups, identity groups and much more.

We use our antiracist lens to advise on best practices that will create equitable searches, hiring, onboarding practices, methods of retaining staff, retaining student-athletes, supporting student-athletes, staff and coaches, and community building.

We employ conversation to start discussing the tough topics at hand. Conversation, getting to know the person in front of you, and seeing the humanity in one another can make the hard conversations seem a little easier.

Our clients

What people say

"I have had the privilege of listening to Jen Fry speak on multiple occasions. Jen is a fierce, passionate, and creative scholar. She has a great sense of humor, and brings energy and engagement to her presentations and writing that center around inclusion, diversity, and equity. Jen makes solutions practical, and I have been able to incorporate the material into the lives of the student-athletes that I serve. Most recently, I had the privilege of listening to Jen’s presentation on student-athlete fellowships. Not only did I retain new thought provoking knowledge; I left inspired to create new opportunities for my student-athletes."

We invited Jen Fry to speak to our coaches, staff and student-athletes for our Wooden Academy Diversity Leadership Series. Jen’s knowledge, energy, and communication skills definitely resonated with our Athletic Department. She has allowed our Department and students to have critical conversations about our identities and positionities, as well as reflecting upon ideas of intersectionality, privilege, and power. In addition, Jen has been an ongoing resource and trusted advocate as our Department continues to have these important discussions. I would highly recommend her to other institutions looking to have similar conversations in these challenging times and we look forward to continuing to partner with her.

Kenny Donaldson
Associate Athletic Director, UCLA
We brought Jen in to talk with our student-athletes and our entire athletic department staff. She was excellent and really opened some eyes though a thoughtful and inclusive discussion that will prepare our students and staff to handle issues of diversity and inclusion moving forward. Both audiences were engaged and responsive to her presentation.

Kim Keenan-Kirkpatrick
Deputy Director of Athletics / SWA, Syracuse University
We invited Jen to speak with our student-athletes and staff this past spring. Jen has a gift of being brutally honest, open and transparent with her audiences in a way most speakers do not have the courage to approach. She finds a healthy balance of challenge and support to make everyone understand that the issues of race, inclusion, diversity and intersectionality is necessary work that is not reserved for the few, but for all. Our staff and student-athletes enjoyed the small breakout sections to be able to connect with their peers and have real, vulnerable dialogue with each other. Her ability to be candid and real was refreshing and created conversations that continue on today in our department. I would recommend Jen to anyone looking for a great facilitator and educator to empower their students and staff to take inventory of their growth areas and call to action to make positive change.

Mark Trumbo
Assist Athletics Director Student-Athlete Engagement, Syracuse University
We invited Jen Fry to put on a three part webinar series for our conference administrators and coaches. While we have only completed the first part of the series our administrators are fired up to hear more from Jen! Her unfiltered presentation of racism and its effects on our country is exactly what we were looking for, for our predominately white administrators. I received many follow up emails on how the institutional staffs had very engaging conversations following the webinar and already have ideas for what they can do better at their institutions. We are so looking forward to parts 2 and 3 of the webinar!

Kirsten McCowan
Assistant Commissioner, Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference
We invited Jen Fry to come and speak to our student-athletes and staff, and she challenged us to look at the practices of our department through a more inclusive lens. Jen brought energy and attention to a very important, and sometimes uncomfortable, topic of conversation. She talked about issues of race, inclusion, diversity, and intersectionality. -USF Student-Athlete Enhancement

Tayler Onion
Assistant Director for Student-Athlete Enhancement, University of South Florida
Our athletic department invited Jen Fry as a guest speaker on campus to increase education on topics of diversity and inclusion. Jen brings with her an engaging presence. Her topics allowed for self analysis of being able to view life through different lenses. They were challenged and grew through her sessions. We were so thankful for her insight and ability to connect with our student athletes and athletic department. We wish we had more time with her! We recommend her to any group wanting to enrich their perspectives. - UAFS ATHLETICS

Katie Beineke
Senior Associate Athletic Director, UAFS
In Fall 2019 we welcomed Jen Fry to American University as part of the Student-Athlete Support Program's speaker series. Our hope was to create a space for our student-athletes and coaches to have an open and honest conversation about race, inclusion, diversity, and equity. Jen did an outstanding job of leading 250+ through the development of a shared language in order to establish a baseline for being racism disruptors and anti-racist allies. Jen's visit to American University opened the door for important conversations in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I highly recommend Jen Fry! She is an outstanding individual and I am personally grateful for the change to learn from her!

Ashley Rozendaal
Director, Student Success and Student-Athlete Support, American University
Our Student-Athlete Development team at Boston College invited Jen Fry to be our keynote speaker at our Diversity and Inclusion Seminar in November of 2019. In the weeks leading up to our event, Jen worked with our team to develop a presentation that was catered to the needs of our student-athletes. Her presentation was informative and she encouraged our student-athletes to step outside their comfort zones and interact with new peers. She was an engaging and thought-provoking speaker. The feedback we received from student-athletes was extremely positive! Overall, Jen was a pleasure to work with and she is always welcome back to Boston College.

Caitlin Barros
Assistant Director - Student-Athlete Development, Boston College
I had the privilege of hearing Jen Fry speak about implicit biases at the Institute for Administrative Advancement with Women Leaders in College Sports and knew she was someone we needed to invite to our campus and work with our student-athletes and staff. Jen is a dynamic and passionate social justice educator who teaches through an anti-racist lens on issues of race, inclusion, and diversity. She challenges you to consider new perspectives, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and gets you to think about whether or not your policies/program expectations are inclusive for everyone. Her sense of humor helps to create a brave space for students and staff to share, learn, and grow from one another. Most importantly, I have never seen our students so engaged by a speaker. She worked with our staff and students separately in small groups throughout the day, but ended with a night event with all 300 of us in a room together. She was able to form a connection and get our students and staff to engage with one another to have difficult conversations that we sometimes want to avoid. She has had a major impact since she left our campus as we continue to have these conversations. If your institution values and embraces diversity and inclusion then you need to reach out to Jen and bring her to your campus for an experience you won't forget as you will be inspired to keep the conversations going after she leaves!

Danielle Strauchler
Assistant Director of Athletics, Wellness & Recreation, SUNY New Paltz

One word regarding Jen Fry - AWESOME! In the world of COVID-19, Jen was able to present to our coaches and staff (via Zoom) in a way that captured everyone's attention for the duration of the presentation. Even after we officially ended, nearly half of the attendees stayed back for another 30 minutes to ask questions. Jen's background as a student-athlete and coach resonated with our coaches and staff. Her intellect, knowledge, humor, and unapologetic honesty encouraged us to listen, learn, and challenge each other. When the world reopens, JenFryTalks will be the first call I make as we need her here in person. - Kristene Kelly

Kristene Kelly

Executive Associate AD/SWA, Dartmouth College

"Jen was a pleasure to work with! She was extremely committed to being sure all content details were thought out and in place prior to presenting. When it was time to present, her passion and knowledge around the subject matter was evident and could be felt throughout the room. Hoping we have a chance do work together again some day!"

"When an opportunity arose for me to discuss institutionalized racism and social justice in my law school class, I knew I needed to turn to Jen. Just a short conversation with her opened my eyes not only to the historical basis for the subject of my discussion, but also to related issues that had not previously occurred to me. The result was a conversation that was richer and better received by my students."

"Coaching and teaching a team of 50 diverse women, poses many challenges in communication, respect, and expectations! Jen really helped these ladies to understand that each persons background and experiences has impacted their lives and how much race affects these things. Her honest, and approachable personality really allowed our team to be honest and brave communicating with each other. Jen truly has a gift! She has empowered these women with knowledge and skills for life!"

“Jen is absolutely amazing and the manner in which she takes very difficult and contentious topics like race, racism, bias and implicit bias and creates a brave space for honest discussion is incredible. Words matter and hers are thought provoking and inspiring. Jen’s honest approach and injection of humor encourage connection and discussion; I left each program feeling more enlightened and ready to recognize how simple adjustments to everyday interactions can begin to create the change we need in this world to have more meaningful interactions and relationships. I would recommend her to any group or organization that embraces and values diversity as well as creating a culture of inclusion.”


Our Offerings

workshops & trainings

Race, ethnicity, and sports will forever be intertwined. These workshops & trainings are a minimum of two hours and are designed and tailored to discuss a variety of issues on race, diversity, gender, inclusion, antiracism, athletics, power, privilege, and more.

speaking engagements

I believe in the power of conversation and storytelling to help educate and bridge the gap between people. I bring it. My keynote speeches are highly engaging speeches on a wide variety on topics that include rich visuals that will not only draw the participants in, but also empower them to take the next steps to continue working to be antiracist.


I specialize in assisting organizations, teams, staffs, coaches, administrators, athletes and others in finding ways to have uncomfortable conversations on race, gender, diversity, inclusion, social justice education, power, privilege and the effects on both those within the marginalized and dominant communities.

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