Ok people! I know it is tough out there trying to navigate through the scary world wide web for resources on race and diversity. Luckily, I like you and want to help you learn how to be a better ally, how to understand whiteness and privilege, how to be antiracist, and how to start conversations with your kids about race. Go through the resources and read or watch a few of them. The insight you gain will help you when in conversations with people about these subjects. It will allow you to have better answers to race-based questions people will pose. Enjoy and this will be updated regularly.

inclusive cultures

Are you not sure of where to start with creating an inclusive culture within your department? If this is an issue pleas consider contacting Jen Fry to bring her in for help your department create an inclusive culture. Click here

Now looking for next steps? Are you in need of more language to help facilitate uncomfortable conversation such as: 

1. I’m really nervous/scared/uncomfortable saying this and/but …

2. From my experience/perspective as (identity) …

3. I’m afraid I may offend someone, and please let know if I do, but …

4. It feels risky to say this and/but … 



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