Student-athletes complete education sessions with speaker Jen Fry

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SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. – Shippensburg University student-athletes recent completed educational workshop sessions with renowned speaker Jen Fry that focused on the issues of race, inclusion, intersectionality, diversity, and equity.
Over the course of four sessions spanning Sept. 9-14, Fry held Zoom sessions with the student-athletes that included discussions in breakout rooms. The sessions aligned with SU’s #ONESHIP initiative that seeks to further develop best practices in the athletics department and enhance support for student-athletes, staff and coaches.
“The Jen Fry workshop was very valuable to student-athletes, because she had you actually talking about different topics and asking thought-provoking questions that would not have thought about before,” said Kiki Brasher, a lacrosse player and a student representative on SU’s #ONESHIP committee.
Next week, there are three student-athlete listening sessions scheduled from Tuesday-Thursday, Sept. 22-24 at 5 p.m. designed to continue the discussion that originated with the Jen Fry workshops. These listening sessions will be led by student-athletes.
“The listening sessions are important because it gives the student-athletes the chance to express their opinions without them feeling like it would have a detrimental effect while having their voices heard,” Brasher said. “This will be the first step to instituting the ONESHIP initiative, making sure that biased and racist behaviors or stereotypes are addressed while having meaningful and thought-provoking conversations.”

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