Ok people. The ugliness of the government is continuing and at a rapid pace. The President, Cabinet, and Congress are trying to set back the clock with this “state’s rights” crap.  State’s right has shown that it gives states the ability to discriminate against people on basic human rights all should have. To ask for the government to protect all their citizens is not asking for special treatment. We must protest the idea of “state’s rights” when it comes to rights for everyone.
I am not sure about you, but it seems as though I am consistently hearing about issues that need to be protested. Issues that will discriminate against groups of marginalized people; whether it be deportation, ICE raids, Muslim Ban, transgender rights, marriage equality, or fighting the Keystone pipeline. I want to know about protests in my area, the issues I need to call about, the correct government officials to call about issues, and so on.

Many people have developed websites, documents, or apps with instructions on how to call, who to call, and what to say. However, if you are like me, you can never find those websites when you are going to call. Well, that was until now. Lucky you- I made a handy guide to keep them in once place.

Below is a list of websites that have information to help you call government offices or where to protest either at home or when you travel. Save this page. Share it. Keep it close so you know of many ways to make a difference about the issues you care about.

The Resistance Calendar allows you to see what protests are going on around the country. Flying to Portland? Find out where you can protest. Flying to Florida? Find out what protests are going on there as well!

Need an action plan to help you figure out how to stop Trump? Have no fear the 10-POINT ACTION PLAN TO STOP TRUMP is here! This one by Michael Moore is great because it gives you individual and group ideas to stop Trump.

If you are like me, you want to call but have no idea what to call about and say every day. Well, today is on your side because Michael Moore was awesome enough to develop this Daily Call List which tells you what to call about every day! It is brilliant!

The website 5 calls gives you the people who to call where you live and what to say. Spend 5 min to make 5 calls!

Not sure if there are new issues to call about, but what to stay involved? The Daily Action website is for you. Enter your cell phone and area code into the website and every day you will get a text with the daily issue to call your Congressmen about. It is simply and allows you to stay abreast of what is going on.

Need to know how your Congressman voted on the refugee ban or more importantly DID NOT vote? Here is a great list of what everyone did or didn’t vote for the ban. The  Who Was Silent list lets you know which of your Congressmen did not do what the right thing and stand against the refugee ban.

Worried about Betsy DeVos destroying the public education system? I know I am! Have no fear then, because this link Betsy DeVos is Terrible has great resources and ideas of what you can do to help out the schools, school systems, and school boards. Go get’um tiger!

Interested in knowing how your Congressman voted on any of the bills? Well, head on over to the  Government Tracking website. This site will show you how your Congressman voted on any bill, what bills they sponsored, and what bills they supported.

Are you an Independent or Republican with a conscience and want to do your part? If so check out theWeekly Action Checklist for Democrats, Independents, and Republicans of Conscience by Jennifer Hofmann. It is filled with great information!

Do you want more information on how to resist Trump? Well, take a look at Jon Greenburg’s site. He gives you good articles on how to do more. The Resources to Resist Trump page is full of good information.

Action Against Trump helps you out as well! Please check it out!

The Muslimgirl.com website made a great Muslim Ban Guidebook to give you information on Muslims and to help out when, not if, there is another ban.

Lastly, the Indivisible Guide Website is amazing. AMAZING YOU HEAR ME!! This guide was developed as a practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda, and written by former congressional staffers who reveal the best practices for making Congress listen.  It gives you information about protests where you live, how to protest, best practices, and so on. Link to the Indivisible Guide (pdf)

I hope this helps you and makes you feel supported. We support each other through this tough time and we can make change occur!!!

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