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November 6, 2018! Remember the date. Put it on your phone calendar. Put it on your work calendar. Put it on your momma’s calendar. Heck steal someone’s phone and put it on their calendar- but give back their phone. Why is November 6, 2018 so important? It is the time for the local and state elections as well as for 38 Governorships,  33 of 100 Senate seats. AND ALLLLLLLLL, yes boo. ALLLLLLL the House of Representative seats. All of them. What does this mean? The question should be what does this not mean? It means everything. It means getting back control of the House. It means not allowing the Republicans to have control of everything and make decisions that affect us all negatively. It allows us to have our voice heard. The importance of it after the election is unfathomable.

Take a look at that is going on with your state. What races do you need to preserve and what states do you need to get rid of someone? Regardless you need to vote to do either.

After the 2016 elections the Senate was a Republican majority with 46 Democrats, 52 Republican, and 2 Independent. These are the seats opening up. 

Arizona- Republican, California- Democrat, Connecticut- Democrat, Delaware – Democrat, Florida- Democrat, Hawaii- Democrat, Indiana- Democrat, Maine- Independent, Maryland- Democrat, Massachusetts- Democrat, Michigan- Democrat, Minnesota- Democrat, Mississippi- Republican, Missouri- Democrat, Montana- Democrat, Nebraska- Republican,Nevada- Republican, New Jersey- Democrat, New Mexico- Democrat,New York- Democrat, North Dakota – Democrat, Ohio- Democrat, Pennsylvania- Democrat, Rhode Island- Democrat, Tennessee- Republican, Texas- Republican, Utah- Republican , Vermont- Independent , Virginia- Democrat, Washington- Democrat, West Virginia- Democrat, Wisconsin- Democrat, Wyoming- Republican

After the 2016 election the House of Representatives is a Republican majority with 194 Democrats and 241 Republican.

ALL ARE UP FOR ELECTION!!! Run! Vote! Do something!

The following 38 Governorships are up for reelection in 2018, with the states/parties being.

Alabama- Republican, Alaska- Independent, Arizona- Republican, Arkansas- Republican, California- Democrat, Colorado- Democrat, Connecticut- Democrat, Florida-Republican, Georgia-Republican, Hawaii- Democrat, Idaho-Republican, Illinois- Republican, Kansas-Republican, Iowa- Republican, Maine-Republican, Maryland- Republican, Massachusetts- Republican, Michigan-Republican , Minnesota- Democrat , Nebraska- Republican, New Hampshire-Republican, New Mexico- Republican, Nevada-Republican, New Jersey- Republican, New York- Democrat, Ohio-Republican, Oklahoma- Republican, Oregon- Democrat, Pennsylvania- Democrat,Rhode Island- Democrat, South Carolina- Republican, South Dakota- Republican, Tennessee- Republican, Texas- Republican, Virginia- Democrat, Vermont-Republican, Wisconsin-Republican, Wyoming- Republican

Pay attention to what is going on in your state during the midterm elections. Be prepared to vote. Be prepared to help others vote. Be prepared to make a statement with your vote.

We have the ability to help a lot of change to be made, as well as stopping change being made, especially change that doesn’t give equality to everyone. These midterm elections are were we are going start taking back our country and our democracy. We cannot allow a Women’s March that drew over 4.8 million people world wide to go unused.

This is the time to be a part of the solution. This is the time to show people that protesting is good, but voting is better. This is the time to show your state that you do not condone what this president is doing. THIS IS THE TIME!!

Stay tuned- up next we are going to talk a lot about politics and “How Voting Actually Works”

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