New from Jen Fry Talks: The N-word Workshop

Jen’s released a new workshop to help coaches, staff, and student-athletes have a conversation about the N-word.

Let’s be honest — most of us don’t want to have a conversation about the N-word. It can feel too controversial. The word is steeped in historical pain and talking about it feels too hard and too heavy. We worry that having the conversation will actually cause more harm to their Black athletes. Like many coaches, Jen’s had that same worry.

That’s why she created this workshop. Because we need to talk about the N-word. We need to have a real conversation about where the word came from, what we’ve learned about it, and where we learned those things. We need to talk about the ways the N-word has been used to inflict violence on Black people. Jen doesn’t want fear to keep you from having these conversations.

What makes this workshop special? In addition to the main session, Jen’s included a facilitation guide (audio and PDF) so you know exactly how to utilize this session with your team. The guide will help you learn how to center the experience of Black students and staff. (This is critical and not often considered in these discussions.) You’ll learn how to facilitate conversations that may be emotional and how to create a space where learning happens using reflection and conversation. Having this knowledge can be a game changer in so many ways!

 Jen created this workshop to give you the help she wishes she had when she was a coach. You’ll gain the knowledge and learn how to have proactive conversations–and the workshop is packaged together in a way that is doable for folks who already have a lot on their plate.

 Ultimately, this workshop and facilitating this conversation will help protect Black athletes and staff, which is incredibly important to Jen. When you are proactive in your education about harmful and violent words, you’re protecting people. It is time to decide who to center and whose comfort is important. It’s time to grow as a staff and team and build the capacity to have these conversations. 

Words have power and all words aren’t meant for everybody, so let’s talk about it! Get your copy at the introductory pricing now through December 31, 2021.

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