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It has been a challenging and unprecedented few days, weeks, and months and it has left us breathless and sometimes voiceless. We are looking for certainty in an uncertain time, hope that we can find some grounding, normalcy, or “the usual,” and the reality is we can’t. What we thought was normal has disappeared, and I feel that it is for the better. Our Black and Brown student-athletes, coaches, and staff have been sitting with the pain of microaggressions, macroaggressions, racially charged comments, being the only person of color on the team, staff, or even the department. It is hard. It is painful. This summer showed us our Black, and Brown student-athletes felt voiceless and suppressed when speaking out about their experiences both in and outside of their sport.

Many White coaches, staff members, administrators, and teammates are trying to figure out what is next and how they help. They are worried about saying or doing the wrong thing, which leaves them sitting on the sidelines instead of the team. Many people have asked what next. What do we do, how can I help, how can we learn, how can we create change within ourselves and with others, and lastly, where are the resources to do this? Looking on the internet can be daunting sometimes, especially with the lack of time and lack of energy.

It is because of that; Jen has decided to develop an E-Learning Series Platform. This series is made for coaches, administrators, staff members, teams, departments, or individuals and will allow you to do the learning at your pace. This helps make social justice education more accessible and makes sure that continued learning is taking place.

This course is the perfect tool and resource for those who want to have these foundational conversations from a credible source who is a constant advocate for this work. It is paired with The Anti-Racist Manual, a dynamic workbook currently at 124 pages, and continues to get bigger and bigger. It has resources, activities, and areas to consistently make you think critically of yourself and your interactions with others within diversity and inclusion. It also includes a video series that helps you learn how to analyze yourself within this current climate and breakout sessions for those who are doing this work within a group. This series can be done alone, with a team, with a department, or with friends and family. Jen is excited to share what she has learned and who she is with you to help you become anti-racist and affect change individually, on your team, or in your department.  At the end of part 7, a certificate will be available to those who made it through. Additionally after the completion of the course, the videos can be used for continuing education credits, and Jen will continue to add content and resources as time goes on. The sessions will be no longer than 45 minutes, even with the reflection time. You’ll have access to the course materials and videos for up to a year after purchasing as we know it takes time to complete this work effectively.

Jen Fry is the CEO of JenFryTalks, LLC, which is a social justice education firm that uses conversation to educate and empower those within athletics through an anti-racist lens on issues of race, inclusion, intersectionality, diversity, and equity. Jen facilitates dialogue with small and large groups, athletic departments, athletic teams, staff, administrations, schools, affinity groups, identity groups, and much more. She uses her anti-racist lens to advise on best practices that will create equitable searches, hiring, onboarding practices, methods of retaining staff, retaining student-athletes, supporting student-athletes, staff and coaches, and community building. 

If you are interested in learning more about Jen or Jen Fry Talks, please visit If you are interested in group-rate pricing for the E-Learning course, please contact us at

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