Jen Fry, the blogger behind Jen Fry Talks, does not list her credentials, or her profession on her blog. This is not a “mommy blog” — in fact, we know little about Jen Fry’s life outside of her opinions. The point of the blog is not to learn about Jen, but to spark a conversation, one especially close to Jen as a woman of color — a conversation about race and sex in America.

Jen has no problem being provocative in her writing. The title of one of her posts, “Dear White People, Shit or Get off the Equality Pot” is what drew me to her blog. It’s in your face, maybe a little divisive, but it’s hard not to want to read more seeing a title like that. The blog is actually one her least focused, a generalized call to action in response to no specific event, but to centuries of racism and passive behavior from so-called progressive white allies.

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