WASHINGTON – The American University Athletics Student-Athlete Support Program (SASP) welcomed social justice educator Jen Fry on Monday, September 23, for the debut of the 2019 SASP Speaker Series.

“Having Jen Fry on campus to speak with our student-athletes and coaches was an amazing experience,” said Senior Academic Counselor Spencer Bonahoom, who oversees student-athlete development and leadership. “We wanted to bring her in to help educate our department in the important areas of race, diversity, inclusion and equity.

“Jen went well beyond that by helping attendees establish definitions and a shared language around these crucial topics,” Bonahoom continued. “I think the conversation was most impactful because Jen provided tangible examples of how we can all become racism disruptors, taking action to be anti-racism rather than neutral bystanders.”For more information please go to: in having me come out and chat with your staff and or athletic department about race and diversity issues?  Please email me at Thank you for reading this blog. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at If you like what you read please consider signing up for my newsletter, you won’t get a ton of emails, just notifications when I write a new blog. Also, use the icons up top to follow me on social media- @jenfrytalks.If you love what I wrote, don’t hesitate in clicking on the “buy me a coffee” button! Coffee is always appreciated and needed when staying up writing blogs!

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