We released this episode last week, and it was recorded on May 15 with Jen Fry of JenFrytalks. With everything going on, I was struggling with sharing it when there are other podcasts I want to point people to that are run by POC, but I do want to take time to amplify Jen’s voice (and I’m recommending some other podcasts below that I’d love for you to go over to!) Jen and Dr. Victoria Farris worked with us on a couple episodes for @proxpod. Victoria spoke in our “On Whiteness” episode and Jen graciously consulted on it. This one is with Jen and it talks about going beyond allyship— something that she teaches in her work as a social justice educator.

Jen shares so much insight on what it means to go beyond allyship in our workplaces, our homes, our parenting, and even on social media. The conversation has been so insightful for me, and I’m really grateful for Jen’s work and I 1000% think everyone should follow her on social media. Not only is she bold and so good at educating people; she’s also hilarious. 

This week, we are not releasing any new episodes, but we do have some recommendations on episodes we gathered together and would love to invite you to listen to.

(1) Lisa Sharon Harper just did a live with Jen Hatmaker on White Women’s Toxic Tears, and it is available on her “Lisa Sharon Harper” FB page. If you’re a white lady (or man), we highly encourage you to listen.

(2) Code Switch (@nprcodeswitch) did an episode on “A Decade of Watching Black People Die” that digs deeper in to how recent history is replaying itself and change has not yet come. Sobering and insightful and shows the great need to not let this moment pass by without change.

(3) Pantsuit Politics (@pantsuitpolitics) did an episode with Lisa Sharon Harper called “Imagining a World Without Police” and if you’re like me, and you’re new to learning about advocating for change in the law enforcement system and would like to learn more, I’d recommend listening.

(4) Clint Smith (@clintsmithiii) shared on TED Radio Hour about his perspective on this moment in time as a Black man and Black father. He shares it through interview and also through poetry throughout the episode. It’s really beautiful and heartbreaking and yet so hopeful at moments as well. 

As Jen said regarding being a co-conspirator, “You can’t be by my side if you haven’t even done your own work on yourself.” Our episode with her is available wherever you find podcasts.

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Beyond Allyship:…/…/beyond-allyship/id1506647081…
On Whiteness:…/pod…/on-whiteness/id1506647081…

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