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Jen Fry

Owner / CEO

Jen Fry is a native of Arizona, a Division II athlete, and a former collegiate volleyball coach who coached within the the PAC 12 and BIG 10 turned social justice educator who realized there was a need for educating not only our student-athletes of all ages, but the administration, staff, and coaches who train them through an antiracist lens on issues of race, inclusion, intersectionality, diversity, and equity.

Social justice education assists everyone in their process of critically thinking of how to become culturally competent, how to self reflect on one’s position, power and privilege, and lastly, how to create an inclusive culture that allows diversity to be a part of the culture not BE the culture.

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Jane Rodriquez (she/her is an #sapro, lifestyle coach & social media coach! She was born & raised in Miami, FL, but currently resides in sunny southern California where she works as a student engagement coordinator at California State University, San Bernardino. Jane launched her own business, Thriving Holistically, in an effort to help people live their best lives. In addition, she is extremely passionate about social media, content creation, & helping people achieve their personal brand.